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Adam Clan
ADAM, ADAMS, ADAMSON: These names, with many others, have derived from various individuals named 'Adam' and the popularity of that as a baptismal name has led to their widespread occurrence throughout Britain. Therefore, Scottish ancestry should not be assumed without evidence of geographical or genealogical association. In Scotland, through dialect variation, numerous forms have developed until quite distinct forms have become associated with the different clans. The Adams, Adies and Edies, along with other variations, are claimed by the Gordons of the North East - whose progenitor 'Adam de Gordon' held lands in Berwickshire in the 13th century. The Aysons and Essons are linked with the Clan Chattan, through 'Ay'(='Adam') having been a traditional name among the kindred from time immemorial. Many Adamsons have a traditional association with both Gordon and Clan Chattan but the name is perhaps more common in Lowland Scotland where they are earliest recorded in the 13th century. The Fergussons of Balmacruchie in Strathardle were traditionally known as MacAdies but, undoubtedly, this form was also borne by others quite unconnected with the Fergussons. Almost all forms of the root name are found elsewhere in Britain, and the early records of settlers in the New World confirms that many emigrated, giving rise to the frequent occurence of the names in those lands. In an individual context, many 'sons of Adam' etc have contributed greatly to the heritage of their country. In Britain, the works of the 18th century architects Robert and James Adam have given us a legacy of buildings which rival those of the ancient world. The United States dynasty which provided two Presidents (1797-1801 & 1825-1829) had their roots in Barton David, Somerset, from where its founder, Joseph, emigrated in the mid 17th century.

Источник: http://www.electricscotland.com
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1 Alao  
Wow I must confess you make some very trenchant pinots.

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